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Technical Papers:

Standard Electrical Power System Device Function Numbers (from ANSI C37.2).

Listing of most common types of currently available automatic transfer switching devices, description of their operation and overview of their suitability for various applications.

Overview of the issues related to the operation of the Distributed Generation (DG) in parallel with the grid and transition of the DG to and from the grid connected operation.

Overview of the “Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems”, IEEE 1547 and it’s potential impact on operation of the Distributed Generation (DG) systems and on the design of the switchgear intended for the transition of the distributed generation resources (DR) to and from grid connected operation.

Recommendations on optimized design of the Interconnection Switchgear for the power systems with Distributed Generators (DG).

Short circuit interrupting ratings of the Low Voltage Generator Circuit Breakers. X/R ratio of a typical low voltage generator above 500 kVA often exceeds the test X/R ratio of low voltage circuit breakers. Concise background of the importance of considering X/R ratio is presented along with hard to find derating data in table format, which should allow engineers to easily calculate derated value of circuit breaker based on system X/R ratio for any application.


Emergency Back-up Power for Water and Waste Water Facilities.
This presentation addresses various aspects of the power system design
with emphasis on integration with the Emergency Power Sources.

Rental Power. Utility Interconnection and Power System Protection.
This presentation addresses methods of Rapid Deployment of rental power generators operating in parallel with the utility grid.

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