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Utility Paralleling Switchgear

If you are interested in continuous paralleling with the utility for the purpose of peak shaving, or have the need for bumpless (soft) transfer of the electrical loads from the utility to the generators and from the generators to the utility in conjunction with the automatic standby operation, this product is for you.

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Wiring diagram

Installation Drawings

5/15kV Switchgear Outline
5/15kV Switchgear Floor Plan
5kV Neutral Grounding Resistor
15kV Neutral Grounding Resistor
5/15kV Load Interrupter Switchgear
62" Deep Low Voltage Switchgear
54" Deep Low Voltage Switchgear (Arrangement #1)
54" Deep Low Voltage Switchgear (Arrangement #2)
46" Deep Low Voltage Switchgear
23.5" Deep Control Cabinet
31.5" Deep Control Cabinet